Electricity – Generation , Production, Uses, Perceptions and a lot more here

By | October 30, 2019
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The First thing is what is Electricity? the electricity is a phenomenon in which the current is generated from moving or stationary current charges. As from the theory, electricity has electrons particles that carry the current as from the Power conventions there are motions of electrons.


Electricity is used for two things :

  • Electric Appliances
  • Electric Power

As the Electric power is used to give power to the electronics devices and the current is used for the appliances as their components need that power to run

Electricity Generation

Nowadays the Electricity is derived from the Electromechanical Generators which is run from steam, Heat, Water or from other sources and the Steam turbines are the main source of generating electricity of about 80 % of total power. The Turbines Are invented by Sir Charles Parsons In 1884 and now its the greatest invention for the power and Current Generation. The Turbine works with the help of various heat Sources. The Generators work on the electromagnetic principle. In the 19th Century, the Transformers were made and the conclusion is there that the power can be transferred with the low current at a higher voltage and many grid stations were made to store the current and the transmission.

USES / Application

  •  Lighting
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Transport System
  • Operate the Appliances and many more


As Electricity is not invented by the human as it can be seen in touch, chemical bonding, Lightning, etc. There Are several Perceptions for the Current as it is shown in some movies like Frankestine in which power or current is used to revive the dead and the Scientist Luigi Galvani used the leg of the frog for the Animal electricity as it is a Cultural Perception. As for now the culture and the society gets changed people to have now some vast thinking brains and the power is the  source and essential in life

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