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By | November 1, 2019
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What is Donation?

Donation We can Say that its a type of help to the people and organization by giving them money or some type of goods. The goods Include blood, books, meals, accounts, plants, organs, food, clothes, dress, dog, dishes, etc. So basically Donation is A type of charity, If you have more then enough you can give those things to some poor or needy peoples. India Comes low in Donations as the People in India Are not so much interested in Donations. Many charity programs are held but there are few who are interested in Donate.


 Donate Synonyms

  • Confer
  • Give
  • Present
  • Bestow
  • Contribute
  • Volunteer

Types / Classifications of Donate

  • Organ Donations
  • Blood
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Money

and many more

More About Donate

Donations Are given without any payback considerations as there is also a law that if you are donating something to someone then you don’t have to expect something fro them or you don’t have to make money in the form of donation, you are not selling anything to anyone.

We can Also Donate in the name of the third party as gifting or donating in the memory of someone. Gifting or donating can be done with many reasons like a holiday gift, Wedding or memory of someone who has died. Charity its a type of donation also as you can donate money in the form of charity to some needy people, organization or poor.

If you want to donate then there are several organizations and companies that will send all your money and any type of goods to the poor and needy as they are all doing these types of Social Works. Social Service as good things and we all have to do this. So Step Ahead and donate for them and pray for their good life and health

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