UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 Login gov PIB – Survey Reporting Portal [PDF]

By | April 30, 2019
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The MHRD has launched a programme called Unnat Bharat Abhiyan.UBA‘s aim to connect institutions with local communities to address the development. Abhiyan is inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development. By providing knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of India. Its mission is thought of development as a movement. It enables processes that connect institutes of higher education with local communities. It also aims to create an honest cycle between society and an inclusive university system.

UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan

Objective of UBA in Hindi [PDF]

UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan UPSC PIB

  • Encourage Indian higher education Institutions to engage with problems of rural India.
  • Develop an academic framework for working on societal problems, their solution, delivery, reporting, and assessment.
  • Promote the inter-disciplinary approach in higher education guided by live contexts.
  • Develop over time, research areas which have developmental significance.
  • Develop collaborations of academic institutions with key government flagship.
  • Promote networking and coordination among various science and technology-based organizations and agencies.
  • Advance collaborations between governance, knowledge institutions and local communities.
  • Provide rural India with professional resource support.
  • Strengthen the technical design of interventions.
  • Identify efficient, cost-effective and sustainable development practices in the field.
  • Help grassroots organizations in innovating new products.
  • Empower communities to dialogue with knowledge institutions to promote self-reliance.

UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan Eligibility

UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan 2.0

  • The Apex Institution should be an AICTE approved Institute/AICTE approved University Department.
  • The Apex Institution should be Government or Government Aided institute.
  • Only one proposal per institute should be forwarded for funding for this scheme.
  • The applicant Apex Institute should have identified a program to achieve a specific set of goals as per the guidelines of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan gov.
  • UNNAT Bharat Ahiyan Survey sh

       For interference by the following 16 institutes of higher education so far.

  • Bombay (IIT).
  • Bhubaneshwar(IIT).
  • Delhi(IIT).
  • Guwahati(IIT).
  • Hyderabad(IIT).
  • Indore(IIT).
  • Jodhpur(IIT).
  •  Kanpur(IIT).
  • Kharagpur(IIT).
  • Madras(IIT).
  • Mandi(IIT).
  • Patna(IIT).
  • Roorkee(IIT).
  • Ropar(IIT).
  • IISER Bhopal.
  • MNIT Jaipur.

To get the UNNAT Bharat Reporting Portal Survey Login 2019. To visit, click HERE .

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