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By | October 31, 2019
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National Maternity Benefit Scheme is a Maternity Benefit Programme 2019 run by the government of India and comes in the sector of the Women and Child Development. This Scheme is for those pregnant women who are 19 or above years old providing cash transfer for the first live birth. The Government provides compensation to the women for the childcare and for the safe delivery and some good nutrition program. Now the Maternity Benefit Scheme 2019 is practicing under the 53 districts. If you want more info regarding this scheme you can visit the official page of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

National Maternity Benefit Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Yojana for Pregnant Ladies

Government Pregnancy Benefits covers the entire nation, In 2017 Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi declared about this Scheme that it will cover up to 650 Districts of India, and from all accounts of India about 17 % MAternal Deaths Occurs In India due to lack of nutrition providing to them, Facilities and other issues.

The main goals of the Maternity Benefit Scheme

  • Providing the facilities and care during the pregnancy, Delivery to the women
  • Providing cash to them for nutrition and for the facilities

Maternity Benefit Programme Eligibility – National Maternity Benefit Scheme

The first thing is the women must be 19 or more in the age of a cash Benefit in the installments

  •  After the Second Birth cash benefits of RS 3000, Mother must :

1. Have to Register Pregnancy at the Anganwadi within Four Months

2.Have to Attend the Parental Care Session and take the Iron Folic Acid tablet

3. Have to Attend Counselling Session

  • Three Months after Delivery cash benefits of RS 3000, Mother Must:

1.Birth Registration

2.BCG, OPV Child Immunisation in 6 and 10 Weeks

3. Have to take Two Growth Monitoring Session

  • Mother Have to :

1.Breastfeeding for 6 Months

2.DPT, OPV Child Immunisation

3.Growth Monitoring and Child Care Session


CLICK HERE to Go to the official Website of the Ministry of Women and Child Development for the National Maternity Benefit Scheme

CLICK HERE for More Info Regarding the Scheme

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