[Exam Tips & Tricks] How To Prepare For Board Exams?

By | January 30, 2020
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[Exam Tips & Tricks] How To Prepare For Board Exams – We are here to share the study timetable for class 10 ICSE, CBSE board exam. Since we will give you the final exam study tips. Therefore you will know how to study for board exams in one month or 15days. The daily timetable for class 10 students will also be shared here along with exam preparation tips for high school.

Students this is the most important factor when you appear for the examination. We all wish a certain post and success in life. Therefore for that, we set our goals from the board or 10th standard.

[Exam Tips & Tricks]

Since to score well you need to study hard. But is just cramming the study material sufficient. NO, it’s not. Cramming will not store things in your brain for long. So we will help you with the exam tips and tricks to store more in lesser and longer time.

Therefore read the article carefully, you might get some valuable exam tips that you can follow. We will guide you with the exam preparation tips for high school. Along with that, we will share the [Exam Tips & Tricks] perfect timetable for 10th students. Therefore it will be easy for you to follow.

The Daily Timetable For Class 10 Students

Everyone, you need to make your timetable. Since the board exam occurs every year and there is numerous board that organizes those exams. Also, there are lakhs and lakhs of students like you who appear for the exam.

So it is always important to organize your study time. Many students like you have a busy schedule since morning. Everyday school, Coaching and then self-study all sometimes become very hectic and unmanageable.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
English 1hour Writing Essays, letter, application
Hindi/Regional Language 1 hour Hindi/regional language grammar
Maths 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour ½ hour-24 mins
Science 1 hour
Social Science 1 hour
Computer 1 hour

You don’t need to study every subject daily. Because practically also it is not possible to study them daily. Instead, you must give quality time to each subject every day. Therefore you will be able to prepare for board exam easily. We are readily available all the time to help you with the exam preparation tips for high school as well as a secondary school.

Students you must keep one thing in mind. Wherever and whenever you study you must be fresh and study with mindfulness. Also, the place that you study it must be peaceful and full of light.

Exam Preparation Tips For High School [Download Sample Papers]

Aspirants although it is important to set the daily timetable for class 10 students. It is equally important for setting High School students. Since they have their respective choice of subjects, but they too require time.

Although the level to prepare for the board exam increases. Therefore exam preparation tips for high school can be made with the help of this article. If managed well you can study for board exams in one month and get a good score.

As they say, practice makes a man perfect. So make sure to practice the subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Computer [IP] and subjects that are practical. Theory subjects must not be underestimated. You will have to organize time by giving two subjects a day equal hour time.

Prepare for Final exam study tips [Board Exam Timetable]

The perfect timetable for Board students is to first organize the timetable. Although reading this article and organizing yourself will help you to prepare for the board exams in 15 days. Therefore it is important to create intervals between the subjects.

  • Always let your mind relax in between. Get up after every hour.
  • Roam around in a garden. Breathe fresh air to relax your mind.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, Juices.
  • Eat fresh to not fall sick.
  • Do not eat in one go rather eat within intervals to avoid dizziness.
  • Try to play outdoor games on Sundays to keep yourself active and mind healthy.
  • Also, try some yoga or meditation to increase the level of concentration.
  • Your Study desk must be organized.
  • Try to get help from the previous year model test papers.
  • Also, you can search for the last 5 years solved Sample papers.

We wish you all the best for your final board exams. Also, we wish for your comments if any queries regarding Exam Tips & Tricks or want to know more about Exam Tips & Tricks How To Prepare For Board Exams?

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