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By | April 2, 2020
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There are saveral factors on which Study Depends, We Study Hard to crack our Competetive Exams but sometimes those things are not enough so for this you need Shortcuts in Reasoning for Competitive Exam and here you can find the Shortcut in Reasoning Pdf By Disha Publications. These Shortcuts in Reasoning Pdf will make your Struggle easy and give you some help to crack your exams. Here we have added a link below for the Reasoning Tricks and Shortcuts pdf Free Download and also the  Disha reasoning Book Pdf in English.

Shortcuts in Reasoning for Competitive Exams

Disha reasoning Book Pdf Details

Name of the book Shortcut in Reasoning Pdf
Name of the Publications Disha Publication
No of pages 160 Total
Chapters 30
Size 5 MB
Format PDF

Shortcuts in Reasoning Verbal Non verbal & Analytical for Competitive Exams pdf

Here you can find the Shortcuts in Reasoning Verbal Non verbal & Analytical for Competitive exams pdf the book is Published by Disha Publications as this book will help you in making things easy in Reasoning. The Reasoning subjects take the highest Percentage in every competitive exam like if you make some high scores in Reasoning you will easily pass your Competetive Exam and for this, we have added a Disha reasoning Book Pdf, Disha reasoning Book Pdf In English and Shortcuts in Reasoning Disha Pdf Download below.

Content in the Disha reasoning Book Pdf

Verbal Reasoning 1. Analogy & Classification 1-7

2 Series 8-12

3. Alphabet & Number Test 13-19

4.Coding-Decoding 20-23

5.Blood Relations 24-28

6. Direction and Distance 29-32

7. Time Sequence, Number & Ranking Test 33-34

8. Logical Sequence of Words 35

9. Number Puzzles 36

10. Venn Diagram 37-39

11. Mathematical Operation Arithmetical Reasoning 40-41

12. Coded Inequalities 42-47

13. Problem Solving 48-57

14. input and Output 58-68

15. Syllogism 69-78

16. Cube & Dice 79-84

17. Analytical Decision Making 85-90

Non-Verbal Reasoning 18. Series 91-95

19. Mirror & Water Images 96-99

20. Paper Cutting and Folding 100-101

21. Completion of Figure 102

22. Hidden / Embedded Figures 103

23. Figure Formation and Analysis 104-105

24. Visual Reasoning 106-110

Analytical Reasoning 25. Evaluating Inferences 111-114

26. Statement & Arguments 115-126

27. Statement & Assumptions 127-131

28. Statement & Conclusions 132-133

29. Courses of Action 134-140

30. Critical Reasoning 141-152

Disha Reasoning Book Pdf in English

Disha reasoning Book Pdf in English is also here for you all, As this book is full of mock test and chapters which will clear all the Problems and Questions which you are facing in Reasoning Subject. Here below we have added a link from which you can easily get the book

CLICK HERE for the Shortcuts in Reasoning for Competitive Exams and be regular on this page for more updates 

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