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By | March 30, 2020
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In this post today, we are going to know about Abhinay Sharma Biography, who now runs a YouTube channel Abhinay Maths where he teaches students by creating Online Video Maths. It should be seen that this will help you a lot in Maths.

Abhinay Sharma Biography

Abhinay Sharma Wikipedia

Abhinay Sharma is a mathematics teacher who is very popular among students and people due to his quality teaching. If you are a student and want to prepare for Maths subject by staying in Delhi City, then let me tell you that everyone will definitely advise taking admission in Abhinay classes. Abhinay Sharma runs his own institute named Abhinay Sharma Classes. Along with this, Abhinay Sharma is a teacher of many leading institutes Uncademy and KD campus.

Due to his hobby of teaching and thinking of doing something good for others, he quit his TCS job. At the same time, even after passing the exam of SSC-CGL 5 times, the government job did not do. Abhinay Sharma is also running his youtube channel with the same purpose that any student who wants to learn math but does not have so much money, can learn it by going to an institute, they can learn it on their youtube channel for free.

Apart from all this, Abhinay Sharma also has a company named Abhinay Cyber ​​Squadron Private Limited in Greater Noida, which is valued at Rs one lakh. This company has been established on 5 May 2018, due to which no much information has been received about what it does. Currently, this company is run by Abhishek Sharma and Abhinay Sharma, who is the director of this company.

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Early Life and Education

Abhinay Sharma was born in Uttar Pradesh of Bulandshahr. He has told in one of his interviews how bad the educational status of his village was. His mother and father were not educated enough to give proper guidance in their studies. But both used to support Abhinay a lot in terms of studies.

Abhinay tells that when he was in 6th standers, he started learning ABCD in English. This is the reason why they still have problems in English even today. But since childhood, he had a lot of interest in maths subject and due to which he used to bring good numbers in math.

With time, his interest in mathematics increased so much that he used to solve questions of the same book many times. After completing his schooling, he moved to Delhi to pursue acting. Due to the deteriorating financial condition of the family, acting started giving maths tuition along with studies. Over time, he began to enjoy reading so much that he left his job and made it his career.

Abhinay Sharma as Teacher

Like other students, Abhinay Sharma also went to Delhi for further studies. His father wanted him to prepare for civil service but Abhinay Sharma wanted to make something else. His dream was that he should do something for his village so that people can have educational development. Because of which he left his TCS job and took the decision to become a teacher. Abhinay knew that teaching is the only way through which educational development can be brought in people.

There are millions of people who like him as a math teacher. Abhinay Sharma is teaching as a math teacher in many popular institutes in Delhi as well as runs his own institute called Abhinay Sharma classes.

Abhinay Sharma Pendrive Course As You Tuber

As we all know, Abhinay Sharma runs a YouTube channel called Abhinay maths. In which Abhinay Sharma teaches to solve problems related to math easily. Talking about the growth of their channel, their growth is much higher than the rest of the educational channel. So far 5 lakh people have subscribed to his channel. Which shows how much he likes the students.

Awards and Achievement

  • Abhinay Sharma has a qualified SSC CGL exam for 5 consecutive times. Out of which, 4 times he got 197.5 out of 200, which means he gave the wrong answer to only one question.
  • Due to the popularity of Abhinay Sharma, Unacademy interviewed him in which he has told about himself as well as the Difficulty related to the exam.
  • Acting Sharma is at the forefront of Maths Teachers followed on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Abhinay Sharma has scored 100 out of 100 in maths subject in his 10th and 12th.

Interesting things about Abhinay Sharma:

  • You would be surprised to hear that Abhinay Sharma wanted to become an actor but so far he has seen only 7 films.
  • Everyone knows that Abhinay Sharma also passes the SCC / CGL exam 5 times. But he failed twice in 2012 and 2013, this is known by many people.
  • Students who score 200 out of 200 in their institute’s SCC / CGL exam give them one iPhone each in Abhinay Sharma Gift.
  • Apart from teaching Math, Abhinay Sharma also loves listening to songs and cooking.
  • Abhinay Sharma has posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he is seen doing comedy in front of people. It seems that he also likes comedy.

Abhinay Sharma Wife [Marriage]

Abhinay Sharma Wife has also searched Abhinay Sharma on Google quite often. We don’t have any information about it yet. For more info about Abhinay Sharma Maths Note PDF as well as Abhinay Sharma Biography now read this blog.

Abhinay Sharma Contact Details

Abhinay Sharma Mobile No 7838855815
Abhinay Sharma Official Website www.mathswithabhinay.com
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